Daily Menu

    • Hot Bowls

    • 1. Out of Africa Bowl


      Nigerian Stew with chicken, cabbage, and beans over rice. Gluten Free

    • 2. Tom Kha Gai Bowl


      Thai coconut chicken soup with mushrooms and bamboo shoots over rice. Gluten Free

    • 3. Maharaja Bowl


      Indian curried lentils over brown rice topped with mango chutney & yogurt. Vegetarian & Gluten Free

    • 4. Bowl de la Milpa


      Black beans and rice with salsa, sour cream and avocado. Vegetarian & Gluten Free

    • 5. Red, White, & Moo Bowl


      Local beef and two-bean chili over rice

    • 6. Cheese Ravioli-Oh!


      Mini cheese ravioli with house marinara over spinach

    • 7. Mac N' Jack of the Valley


      7. Local jack mac and cheese with a small garden salad. *With local Meatloaf 9.99

    • 8. Nach-Yo Bowls


      Nachos topped with Moo (our local ground beef chili) or black beans and salsa (vegetarian) with cheddar cheese, sour cream, and green onion.

    • 9. Burger Bazaar


      Local beef meatloaf or vegan black bean burger on a roll with creamy chimichurri, lettuce and tomato with side of chips and chow-chow.

    • Cold Bowls

    • 10. Bangkok Bowl


      Asian slaw and chicken over rice with Thai peanut sauce

    • 10. Bangkok Bowl


      Asian slaw and chicken over rice with Thai peanut sauce. Gluten Free

    • 11. Bada Bun


      Rice noodles with lettuce, chicken, herbs, veggies, and nuoc mam sauce. Gluten Free

    • 12. It's All Greek To Me


      Greek garbanzo salad, small Greek salad, hummus, pita and dolmas.

    • 13. Ernesto's Chef Salad


      Lettuce with chicken, ham, cheddar, sliced egg, veggies and ranch. Gluten Free

    • 14. The Bowl's Buddha Bowl


      Quinoa, roasted sweet potato, onion, and bell pepper; fresh greens; roasted curried garbanzo beans; peanut soy dressing and coconut avocado sauce.

    • World Sammies

    • 15. Saigon Gyro


      Chicken with Asian slaw and Thai sauce and spicy Thai chips.

    • 16. The Porkeque BBQ


      House-made pulled pork barbecue and slaw served on a roll with a side of chow-chow and chips.

    • 17. The Greek Gyro


      Hummus, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, olives, and tzutziki sauce in a pita with spicy Thai chips. Vegetarian. *Add 1.00 with Chicken or Tofu

    • Breakfast Bowls (Served 7:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.)

    • 18. Good Mornin' Bowl


      Local eggs and ham with our house-made 9-grain toast (sausage instead of ham 1.00)

    • 19. Buenos Dias Bowl


      Local eggs with black beans, salsa, sour cream, and hot corn tortillas. Gluten Free & Vegetarian

    • 20. Wake Up Wheatberry Bowl


      Wheat berries cooked with fruit and honey, apples, pecans, and side of milk. Vegetarian

    • 21. Peace, Love, & Granola Bowl


      Organic yogurt, seasonal fruit, fresh house-made granola, and honey. Vegetarian

    • 22. Quesadilla con Frijol


      Mozzarella, cheddar, and black beans grilled in a flour tortilla. Vegetarian. Add eggs & Sausage or Ham instead of black beans for $1.00 extra.

    • 23. The Bright & Early Oatmeal Bowl


      A hearty bowl of organic rolled oats served with side of milk. Your choice of plain, banana or apple cinnamon.

    • Good Sides

    • Chips & Salsa 2.99                           Mack N' Jack 3.99

      Small Green Salad 3.49                    Hummus & Pita 3.49

      Large Green Salad 5.99                    Mini Nacho-Yo Bowl 4.79

      Bread & Butter .99                           Asian Slaw 2.29

      Rice 1.29                                          Black Beans 1.89

    • Kids Meals

      Choose one of each: entree, side and drink for 5.99

    • Entree

      Cheese Ravioli, Beans & Rice, Mac N' Jack, Kids Moo

    • Side

      Chips, Cookie, Yogurt, Fresh Fruit or Vegetables

    • Drink

      Juice, Milk, Chocolate Milk , Bottled Water